Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Few Little Details

Now that I have a few extra minutes, I can fill you in on a few details of our NY trip, it was so much fun! I think for this post, I'll just do a day by day log, that way it's easier to follow:

Tuesday (10/6): Fly out to NY, arrive in the evening. Mom, dad and my sister Tabitha were a t the airport to greet us. We then went to the Carousel mall for a quick bite to eat. Marin rode the carousel and thought it was so fun! I also needed to buy a jacket as I left mine on the plane, oh well!

Wednesday: Drove up to Skaneatlas for lunch at The Sherwood Inn and to walk around the town. It was a little on the cold side, but nice to get some fresh air!

Thursday: Trip to Frog Pond in Bainbridge, a farmers market with tons of great fresh fruits, veggies and some barnyard animals. Then home to make dinner for the missionaries, we had chicken cordon bleu and apple crisp.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Trip to Hollenbecks where they make their own apple cider and fresh donuts, visit with Marin's Great-grandma, church at the Greene Branch to catch up with some old friends.

Monday: Drive through Ithaca to visit Jacob at Scout camp where he works and was getting an award for leadership training that day, it was COLD by the lake, brrrr! Home to make some half moon cookies.

Tuesday, Wednesday: Tabitha left :( Dinner with the family, spend some time at the house.

Wednesday: Trip up to Cortland for dinner.

Thursday: Cortland again, lunch with my friends JoAnn, an old co-worker and one of my best friends ever, she is so great, I miss her! Visit with my friend LeAnn afterwards and head to Applebees for a birthday dinner for a friend.

Friday: Lunch with some friends from high school, I actually had a great time and it was cool to see they had both grown up and were doing so well.

Saturday: Dinner with some old friends from the Greene Branch, Laurena and Becca. Laurena sent me home with some chocolates she had made, she's in culinary school to be a pastry chef, I'm so proud of her!

Sunday: Church at the Cortland Ward, then a stop by the Cortland Hospital, my old workplace to see a few other old co-workers. By this time Marin and I were SOOO ready to be done driving all over the place and seeing people, poor girl was not used to being in a car seat so much. We had a family over for a little bit to visit and I made some more half moon cookies.

Monday: Took my folks out to lunch and packed up and headed home.

Phew! It was a long trip, and Marin and I are so glad we could go, but we are happy to be home, we spent all day yesterday and will spend most of the day today at home. I did have a policy meeting last night and I have a YW activity at my house tonight. We are making dinner and homemade bread, so I need to get moving!

I also have some more exciting news! No, not that. Guess who's going to PARIS!!!! We have FINALLY bought the tickets!!! Kris found a good deal and so I told him to buy them now or we are never going to make it out there. You know how things go, you get busy with life, have another baby, and end up not going until you're kids are out of the house. I am SOOO EXCITED! Paris has been my dream city since I was a little girl and my amazing husband is making my dreams come true. We will be in Paris for my birthday next year, April 30th. I cannot WAIT! I need to get a ticker to put up on the blog so I can count down the days!

Well, I need to be off and get ready for this evening, have a great one!

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