Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Home Again!

Marin and I have made it back alive! Oh my, I have learned a few things about traveling with an infant, and here they are:
1. BE NICE to the flight attendants, they can make your trip a little more cozy
2. For the love of Mike, if you can afford it, BUY AN EXTRA SEAT! (more later)
3. Be prepared to see a mullet or two, even reverse mullets on your travels, huh.
4. Take some Benadryl for your kiddo. Yeah I know, I did it!

Our trip back was....long. Our flight to Cleveland was pretty good. Once we got to Cleveland, I found our flight had been delayed another hour, so I fed Marin a quick dinner, which she didn't really want and sat down outside the gate to give her a bottle. As I sat there, I watched this man directly across from me 2 aisles over start to have a seizure. So I sat there wondering when I needed to go offer my assistance, and when his wife lowered him to the floor, I sighed and went over to help. Not that I didn't want to help, but I was so tired! So we rolled him to his side and put some oxygen on him and waited until the paramedics came to cart him away. Then when we finally boarded, people were taking so long to put their carry-on's away, the stewardess had to hurry people along numerous times. When we got to the runway, the captain announced we were going BACK to the gate, apparently a first class genius didn't like the fact his footbal team was losing and needed to be escorted off the plane. Marin did surprisingly well and slept for a larg portion of the trip, but I was sitting next to a baby-phobic guy who flinched anytime her little fingertip grazed his sleeve. Ahhh well. we made it home, about 2 and a half hours late, but home alive! Ok, I have a policy meeting to prep for tonight, so I will talk more about our trip later!

Ok, I have a TON of pictures! I figured the best way was a slideshow, so enjoy!

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Tabitha said...

It was so much fun to see you in New York! I'm so glad we could be there at the same time.