Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Burnt Nuts

It seems as though every time I try to toast nuts, I always burn them! There is something about toasted nuts that I love, and so if I have a chance to toast them, I will. The only problem is that just about every time, I will end up burning them, so I need to makes sure I take out twice as many nuts as I need, as I already know the first batch is, essentially, already in the garbage can. I did this for a dessert my mom was making the other night, and just rolled my eyes and shook my head when I smelled those poor little pecans, blistering away in the toaster. It's a shame, they didn't really stand a chance.

As you may have guessed, I've been at my parents home in NY since last Tuesday and have been soaking in all the overcast, chilly weather I can get. I have until Monday before I leave and my schedule is still just as packed! My sister Tabitha flew up from Georgia the same Tuesday I flew in, and our family has spent the week scampering about the countryside visiting family and going here and there. She left early this morning, and now I need to get to work visiting my friends that have clamored to see me and Marin. Boy! It's a lot of work trying fit everyone in!

Although i don't have any pics to post right now, I have TONS to post when I get home, we have some really great pictures of our family, Marin in the leaves, a 4 generation photo, Marin in the pumpkins, Skaneatlas, Marin in the air...., you get the idea, lots of pictures. And you know, I had my hair done a few days before I came out, and it really shows in the pictures, I look pretty good!

I will say, it's always funny to come home and see what has changed and what has remained ever the same. It's odd to look at the bronze, eagle-with-constitution-in-claw light switch cover and think that it's been there since I was a little toot, crazy! And walking around the streets of my hometown, I remember how small and insignificant I used to feel, and now after living in Las Vegas, I almost feel too....fancy (?) for it all? Like I need to dress down and ruffle my hair a bit to fit in. I hope that doesn't make me sound pretentious!

Kris had his Jeep trip with his dad and LOVED it! Of course I missed not being able to talk to him, but he enjoyed every minute of his Jeep-time. It was so good for him to get a break from it all, I wish he could have taken more time off!

Well, I need to be off, I have some phone calls to make, but I promise, when I return, I will post the many pictures of our adventures in NY, have a great one!

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