Friday, July 11, 2014

Finished Projects!

It's slow going around here these days, thanks to my pregnant belly.  Which is totally where I want to be, but at the same time, it does make getting projects done around here a little on the, challenging side.  I have a list of projects to do on my calendar/wet erase board, and ever so slowly I've been able to check things off that list, which feels fantastic.  

One of those projects was to paint the basement halls.  They've never been painted, and the walls were as white as white could be, blech.  Looked so unwelcoming.  So, we chose to carry the family room color gray (Behr,'s Kristoffer's fave) down to the basement, and we just finished up today.  I did all the edging, since I don't need to be on a ladder with the low ceilings down there, and Kristoffer did the roller...since I'm terrible at rolling, trust me, I really am.  Already it looks so much better!  We just need to put the switch plates and vent grates back on, and the banister, and we'll call it complete!

Also, I don't think I posted the laundry room since it's been complete!  It was also just a plain old white, so my fabulous hubby put up some board and batten for me, to match what we did in the attached bathroom, and we painted the top the same as the bathroom, and the bottom the same white.  We also bought some metal shelves at Ikea and mounted those above the W/D in front of the window.  The laundry room is T.I.N.Y., so that was the place where it made the most sense to put shelves.  I'll be purchasing a collapsible metal drying rack to mount to the wall to the left of the dryer, but for now, my laundry room is so much more functional and pretty!

 It's hard to get good lighting with a window in the back.  I'll be getting a drink dispenser to put my liquid laundry detergent into to make that look a little nicer.
And this is my girl at swim lessons!  I'll skip to the next picture where you can see her face....

 She finished out her first of four weeks of lessons, and she has been doing SUCH a great job, I am so proud of her.  She was pretty nervous before she started, and I understand the fear, I'm a terrible swimmer, and I didn't learn to swim until I was close to maybe 12, so I have a little fear of water.  BUT, we try to encourage her to share concerns, and answered all the questions her little heart could conjure up.  We told her it didn't matter if she took a while to learn, as long as she was trying hard to do her best.  And honestly, from watching her the other day, she was actually having FUN!  It totally shocked me!  She was happy and smiling all through the lesson, and it made my mama heart happy :)  Her teacher is super sweet, and told us some things we could work on with her over the weekend, so you know where we'll be tomorrow morning!
A little belly picture for ya'll.  This was taken at 25 weeks.  Baby girl is popping right out!  She is feet down, and I can feel every kick right in my cervix or bladder, ouch!  BUT, strong enough for daddy to feel, which I love, it makes pregnancy so much more tangible for him when he can feel those kicks.  Still haven't decided on a name, this one could take a while, I think.  I'm trying hard to stay cool, so it's skirts and sandals most days!  And I've been trying hard to go to the gym, maybe 3ish days a week.  It's turning out that the best time to go is after quiet time and before dinner.  I always struggle with what to do during that time of day, and going to the gym is the perfect solution; we all get to go out of the house, kids get to play with new friends, mama is able to have some me-time, and exercise. 
 Haha, and if you notice, there is a kitty tail sticking out from under my dress.  Sunday mornings, the cat likes to hide under my dress, she thinks it's pretty cool.  We still love out cat, she's such a sweetheart and we are very happy to have her in our family.

I have a couple of furniture projects that I've finished, so I'll have to take pictures of those soon enough!

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Valerie said...

How inventive to use a drink dispenser for detergent. The walls all look great.