Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Little of June

So we had a little Father's Day celebration...really and truly, it was pretty low key.  Daddy started out with a totally *man* breakfast, cinnamon rolls, thick cut bacon, chocolate milk, and strawberries with cream cheese dip (those were to make me feel better).  He was a pretty happy dad.  Owen gave daddy a box of Lucky Charms (I think Kris got...maybe a bowl out of the whole box), and Marin gave daddy some crazy socks, some with tacos on them, and some with donuts on them. 
 My sweet hubby worked so hard to do my laundry room.  The laundry room now matches the bathroom right next door, white board and batten on the bottom, sea green-ish on the top, and we added some stainless shelves in front of the window, it opened up my room so much.  Love my hubby!
 With his bestest helper.
 Oh, and Father's Day dinner was requested.  Homemade, FRESH pasta rolled with my Kitchen-Aid, sauteed mushrooms, seared chicken tenders and homemade alfredo sauce.  It was sinful, and so so SO delicious, fresh pasta is SO amazing!
My boy.  I love my boy.  Getting pants back on after going potty can be difficult.

 I went to get my hair done the other week and I figured I would take Marin for a haircut, too.  She had her hair styled, and she thought it was so pretty.
 I went to a work party, hosted by one of the girls at work at her home, and her back porch was amazing.  This beautiful pergola with wisteria growing on top, so pretty.  So I took pictures to show my hubby...
 And now my hubby is working hard to build a pergola on our back deck.  It's slow progress, but Kris totally loves these projects.
These two are hilarious.  Best of friends and irritating one another...sibling love!
 Our funny little furry Peaches.  She fell asleep like this.

We have a great splash pad near our house, and it's a great thing to do when we just can't find anything else to do, although, it's even been a little too hot for mama these past few days.
 My kids like to get wet once, then spend the rest of the time drying out on their towels.
 We've been making and loving peach smoothies lately, I make them in my Ninja, and they are so creamy and cold and wonderful, YUM!
 Marin snuck herself some breakfast one morning.  Yeah.
 Hanging with my buddy...and my belly.
 This was...23 weeks, I think?  Baby girl is growing!
 Love this boy.

Marin spent the weekend with Bestemor and Bestefar Barry, so Owen and I went on a date, which included taking my car through the car wash, Owen thought is was so cool

 And then we went to DQ for a burger and some ice cream, such a fun date with my boy.
That same weekend, we took Owen to the air show at Hill Air Force Base.  It was so nice to take Owen to something he thought was totally cool.  Lots of cool, big vehicles, planes, flying tricks, we were there for a few hours, and that was perfect.

 Love my boys, just look at 'em!
My kids were playing with an empty shoe-box, and I just happened to see another random toy laying around that resembled a steering wheel, so I stuck it in the shoe box and the kids had fun decorating it..together.  It was super sweet.

 Then they drove Mr. Bear around in their car.
 Then Owen heard a BIG truck outside the window, and he was captivated.  He loves trucks, such a boy.
Hopefully I can remember to keep taking pictures.  My memory is terrible these days, and now that summer is in full swing, it's all I can do to stay cool, so we'll see!

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