Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Owen at 2 years and 11 months

Owen is our little buddy.  He is tender-hearted and ALL boy.  There is no fooling around with the kinds of things he likes.  He and Marin and as opposite as can be in that department!  These are some of Owen's favorite things right now, just so I don't forget!

Owen's toolbox.  He is our little fixer and loves to follow daddy around and see what he can help with.  Kristoffer loves it.

 If I had to pick one shirt Owen loves, it would be his sports shirts.  He loves his baseball and football shirt, and they are only ever clean for less than a day before they are back in the hamper.  He loves any sport with a ball.
 Owen's froggy blanket.  I made him this blanket when I was pregnant, and he loves snuggling under it.  I missed getting a picture of his actual froggy stuffed animal that he sleeps with (it was in the wash).
 This rocking chair has rocked both of my babies, and for now, it still resides in Owen's room.  We read a book and snuggle in it every night.  I love those precious tender snuggles with my boy, mostly because I know that when he grows up and get's married....he'll be gone and have a life with another woman; so I'll take all the sweet snuggles he'll give me.
 Puzzles.  Owen is so good at puzzles, and loves putting the pieces where they belong, a great start to initiating how to clean...right?
 And we can't forget his CARS!  They are his love.  He always has a hot wheels car in his hot little hands for the whole day.  It changes periodically, but nevertheless, he always carries on with him.  I love watching him play with them when no one is around, it's magical.
 He just got this book for Christmas last month, and loves it.  All about construction vehicles.
 His blanket/quilt that was made my Grandma Sallie.  It's green and has cool animals on it, and super soft minky on the reverse, which he loves.  Owen is a sucker for soft blankets.
 His little water bottle.  It has dinosaurs on it, which are also way cool in Owen's book.  And, big sis has had one just like this for a couple of years, so he get's to feel like a big boy now, too.
So happy to have our little guy in our family!


Mrs. Pedersen said...

Awe! I love that froggy blanket. So sweet. (=

Christy Wheeler said...

Great idea! I just might copy it :) Little boys are so much fun. I love seeing what he likes.