Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Thought and A Story

I have to record this experience before the memory fades.

Today, on my way home from work, I kept thinking about my dad.  And how much I missed him.  I kept thinking about those final moments with him, and the feelings I felt after he passed.  I wasn't really sure why I kept thinking of him today as I drove home from work, he just kept popping into my mind.  After I arrived home and greeted my sweet children, Owen, my little 2&1/2 year old proceeds to tell me, without prompting that today, he played cars with grandpa and grandpa raced the green can and Owen raced the red car.  Owen never had a chance to ever actually play cars with grandpa before he died.  

And I couldn't help but wonder.  As I looked into the ever so innocent face of my little boy, I pondered his pure spirit, and realized once more how thin the veil really is.  I realized that my dad, no matter how busy things are on the other side, still finds a moment to come and see his grandchildren, and perhaps even play with them, and to let them know he loves them.  There is more to this life than pure coincidence, and I know for a certainty my dad came to see my little Owen today, and Owen, well, he was lucky enough to still be able to see him too.

I'm grateful for this moment, to know that although it still hurts that my dad is gone, I know he hasn't forgotten about us, and will find a way to let us know he's always there.  

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