Friday, July 5, 2013

Buildin' Da' Coop

OK, so we have been hard at work on so many projects since moving in, but the chicken coop has taken priority, for sure.  During the day, my six chickies are outside in the fenced in pre-existing dog run, and at night, I haul them inside with a dog carrier and down to the unfinished portion of the basement to sleep in 3 big boxes I've taped together and fanci-fied.  It's dire, I know....chickens in my house. 

Husband to the rescue!!  He has been amazing, really.  He hasn't built a lot of structure-like things before, but he is totally rocking this hen house.  AND, listen to this, it's made of almost 100% salvaged materials!  We've spent less than 100 dollars on this project, and that includes some wood for the frame, chicken wire, tar sheet (whatever that is) for the roof and some roofing nails.  The rest of the wood has been salvaged from a fence we tore down, and also from a massive, albatross of a dog house we ripped apart (no dogs here).  The shingles were left with the house, and we also used the screws from the fence.  Amazing.

Check it out!

It's not quite done yet...
 The little boxes you see in front are the nesting boxes, which is where my chickies will lay their eggs, it will have a hinged lid for easy access to breakfast!  The fenced area above is a window for circulation and will have a close down flap that will lock.
 The small opening to the left will be where the chickens go in and out, and the large area to the right will be a big locking door that will allow me to put food in, and clean the house out.
 Here is one of my lovely ladies right now!  She is one of two Barred Plymouth Rocks that I have.

 One of two Golden Sex Links.
 Five of my six.  They are so funny.  They just live in the moment.  And the kids love them.  Marin loves to chase them around and pick them up.  Her favorite is the Brahma Bantam, on the far right; she is smaller and has feathers on her legs and feet.

 There's the hubs working on the hen house.  He is so amazing, I love my man.  And he is doing such a bang-up job.

Hopefully it should be done tomorrow, and then I can't PAINT it!!  I've had a suggestion for red, but I'm not quite sure yet, any other suggestions??

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