Friday, February 8, 2013

January and February Moments

Man, have I been in a blogging slump or what?  So sorry, for myself, and for you all who have been waiting to see our super cutie-patootie kids!  We've been busy busy busy and I cannot believe it's part-way through February!

I don't remember if I've posted these fishing pictures of Owen, but he entertained himself for a good half an hour with this fishing game.  He was determined to figure it out and get it right!

 Working hard, mama!
 Oh, my handsome boy!  I call him my handsome boy, and now he calls himself this, and it's so cute.  Owen's vocabulary and sentence structure has absolutely exploded over the last 3 months.  He says SO many words and is now putting them together, he is SUCH a smart little buddy.  My favorite is when I ask him to do something, and he says "Okay, mama.", so super sweet and obedient and it just melts my heart!
 The other night, I couldn't bring myself to make dinner, so we made waffle PB&J's and had that with cheese and grapes as a picnic in the living room while we watched a movie.  I think the kids approved!  And do you see that purse that Marin has?  She also has another purse which she got for Christmas, and she *packs* them to the gills with....stuff.  Little girl stuff.  The other day, I asked her to put something in my purse (as I was holding it open for her), and as she dropped her item inside, she peered in a little closer, looked at me and said, "Mama, you need to put more stuff in there.".  I laughed.
 Marin asked daddy to paint her toenails a few weeks ago.  Kristoffer is such a good daddy and willingly obliged. So cute.
 Someday, Marin's future husband will see this picture!
 Owen, my little Mr. Mischievous AKA Mr. Destructo, found a bicycle bell and promptly dis-assembled it.  That boy, if he thinks he can pry his little fingers into it and pick it apart, consider it done.
The other day, my dad had surgery on his spine and hip (more on this later), and Marin and I made some chocolate cake petite-fours to mail to him.  We used butterfly, bunny, flower and hearts shapes, and covered them with pink and purple frosting (Marin's favorite colors) and decorated with sprinkles, then we mailed them off!
 Marin did a great job, she loves this kind of stuff.
 Oh, my cutie girl eating her dinner, I just love that girl.
 Marin, last night, happy to be getting dessert (cupcake waffles) after eating her dinner.
 Owen, not so happy last night NOT getting dessert because he didn't eat his dinner.  It's a haaard lesson, buddy!
 This morning, I took Marin to see the Pulmonologist, due to some respiratory concerns I've had with her.  Here she is doing a PFT or pulmonary function test.
 She tried so hard to follow directions and did a great job.  We are still kind of borderline asthma with her, so she'll now be taking Singulair every day and have an albuterol inhaler to carry with us in case we need it..  I'm grateful it's not worse than what it is, and I'm grateful for an otherwise healthy girl.  With all the sick kids I see at the hospital, things could be so much worse.
More updates later!

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