Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello, World? Are You There?

I've been wondering lately...where is everyone?  Where did everyone go?  Is anyone there anymore?  With all of the options to remain silent and unrecognized yet UBER informed of every else's life and happenings, it seems we've all chosen silence.  

I love interacting with people, I love saying hello and chatting and offering encouragement; namely because I crave the same from other people.  Who doesn't love when someone is listening?  But it seems as though unless we are forced with face to face interactions anymore, no one wants to say 'hello'!  I'm all for calling and talking, and meeting for playdates and lunch or whatever...I LOVE that stuff!  I also love having a blog and (to a certain, leser degree) being on Facebook, I can keep in touch with friends and see what they are up to; I LOVE that!  But really, where has everyone gone?  I share moments of happiness and sadness and excitement and monotony, and what do I hear?  Silence.  Or I get a lousy 'Like' button.  

Where has everyone gone?  

I'm just as busy as any other mom out there, and I have made the choice to have a FB account and a blog, and when I'm on those sites, I feel like if I don't say 'hello' or offer some encouragement, I might as well not be on at all.  I miss having people even bother to type three words to let me know they are there.  I'm not looking for sympathy or anything, but seriously, are we THAT anti-social?  Are we THAT busy that when we're on those social networking sites, we can't actually be....social?  

Whatever venue we are in, wherever we are, church, the store, a friends house, another person's blog, FB page, e-mail, a basketball game...whatever, if we choose to be in the social atmosphere, we need to be social!  It seems basic etiquette to see and be seen, to read and then write, to listen and then speak.  

So, world, are you there?


nancygrayce said...

I feel your pain! I hate it when there is silence on the web!

:). One thing is the fact that you have word verification.......I suggest taking that off and enabling comment moderation. Lots of people won't comment if they have to do the word verification.

Christy Wheeler said...

I totally understand! I promise to comment more. I love comments too :)

Austie Bost said...

Yep, yep. I hear ya. I will say... there are sometimes circumstances. Like this big ole belly of mine. If it gets squished, I get sick. And (before yesterday, since I found a new way of circumventing the problem) if I used two hands on the computer, I squished my belly... and typing out any kind of meaningful reply takes two hands! :)

I'm a reacher-outer, too. Especially with how easy Facebook is to use. Taking a minute to say, "Hey, I'm thinking about you!" Well, it doesn't even take a minute! It takes all of 2 seconds. A Facebook problem I've noticed is that not everything comes through my feed; it's infuriating because I WANT to hear what's going on with everyone. When Facebook makes the decision about who I can hear from and who I can't... it's a pain. That's another FB possibility (and I have my settings and privacy and friend levels and visibility all set up the way it should be).

Anyhow. :) Life is cuh-ray-zee. Love you. :)

Samantha said...

Haha, babies and stressful moments aside, life gets to us! It's just an overall trend I'm noticing, that's all. ;)