Friday, August 24, 2012


This little buddy spent this last Sunday in NURSERY!!  His very first nursery experience now that he is 18 months old, and he seemed to do pretty well.  I love my sweet babies, but I don't really do the whole clingy-child thing, I want them to love me, but be able to be adaptable and be without me for a few hours, I think it's a healthy thing on both sides. 

I can't believe my little Owen is 18 months!  He is growing so FAST, it blows me away.  Some of Owen's latest things include:

*Climbing *everything*, chairs, tables, cribs, beds, stools, bathtubs, bookshelves, you name it, he will climb it.  And it's exhausting!
*Owen says a handful of words: Mama, dada, dog, baba (for bottle), pizza, shoes, no.  He doesn't say a lot, but I can hear him trying to sound out words, and I remember with Marin that her vocabulary just *exploded* one day, so that's what I'll look for with Owen. 
*Follows commands very well and helps put books away, put his diapers in the garbage, sits on his bottom when I ask.
*When he's hungry, he'll climb up into his high chair and whimper until mommy gets him some food.  It's pretty cute.

Both of the kids had their check-ups today and are healthy and growing!  

24.5 pounds, 30th percentile (good progress with the goats milk, up 10%). 33.75 inches, 86th percentile.

32.2 pounds, 26th percentile (she lives in this percentile).  40.5 inches 68th percentile.

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Austie Bost said...

Sooooo sweet! And COULD he look any more like his daddy?? :D