Thursday, August 23, 2012

And Then She Was Four

Once upon a time, there was born in a city, far far away a lovely fair skinned baby, with soft light brown hair.  Her parents rejoiced in her birth, and loved her and kissed her and watched grow and grow every day, until one day, their sweet baby happened upon her first birthday.  Her mother wept tears of bittersweet love, and the little girl...continued to grow.

 One year...
 Two Years...
 Three Years....
And finally, the time came for her fourth birthday; and her mother smiled and kissed her beautiful girl while thinking of her birthdays past, and she kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.

I really can't believe that my sweet daughter is FOUR!  Time is absolutely *flying* by and I'm not sure how I feel about that...let me rephrase, I *do* know how I feel about that, and it's slightly terrifying!  So, I'll share a few things about my brand new four year old:

Marin Elise Lyman
Born: August 21st, 2008...5 days late!
Birth weight:  7 pounds, 4 ounces.
Current weight:  32 pounds.
Favorite food:  Mac and Cheese, chicken nuggets, anything that sounds 'fancy'.
Favorite game:  Being chased, screaming.
Other things she enjoys:  Playing in water, reading books with mama, doing crafts, helping mama in the kitchen, singing songs, watching movies, calling grandma and grandpa, tattling on Owen (which is often helpful), eating chocolate, jumping jumping jumping, her stuffed animals.

And some of the things I love about my little girl:

~She is just so sweet and innocent and I love that about her.
~She loves her little brother, and it makes my heart melt to see them playing together and laughing together.
~She is always willing to help me out and saves me extra steps during the day.
~She gives the sweetest kisses and will stop to say "I Love You" and give a big hug during the day.
~She is just a good girl.  She's still four, but she is a good kid.

We couldn't imagine our lives without this cute girl, Happy Birthday, Marin!!

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