Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dinosaur Park

So, when I was about 15, my family came out to Utah and we took the boys (my two little brothers who were about 8 and 6 at the time) to this dinosaur park in Ogden...I still totally remember it!  And Saturday, we took the kids up there.  It was a HOT day, but the park had enough shade to keep us moving along.

We brought some lunch with us and had a little picnic before we started our Dino walk.  I was a little curious to see how Owen would do, but he charged ahead full steam.  Marin had some moments of trepidation, especially when we walked by the indoor Dino robotics display.  She kept herself pretty flat against the back wall!

Here's Owen, headed out to see some Dino statues.
 Raaaaaar!!  Check out this feisty feasting T-Rex!
 Checking out the large teeth.
 I tried to coerce Marin into making scary faces with me....she was less than interested.
 Hey mama, this is my belly.
 Say cheeeese, tail-finned Dino!
 Look scared, Owen!!
 Under the brontosaurus big-top.
 Trunk slide, wooo!
 Happy boy on a swing.
 Caveman Owen.
 World's Most Dangerous Creature, eh?  I think maybe....
 Marin walking under that Brontosaurus!
 Point at the skeleton, Marin!
 A nice picture in front of the very furry ice-age rhino relative.
 A prehistoric alligator head, that would be able to swallow my little Marin whole!
 This little guy is a happy guy when he's hanging out with daddy, daddy is SUPERMAN right now and can do no wrong.  And mama is pretty much chopped liver when daddy's around.  It's ok, it's the way it was meant to be ;)
 Marin found this huge crystal in the corner next to the broom (of all places) and was mesmerized.  She was ready to take it home.
It was a little bit of a trek to get up there, but for the price of admission, it was pretty fun and something new to try.  We may need to do it again sometime.


Scotty and Emi said...

Cuuuute pictures! And Ogden isn't so very far away! *laughing* NYS standards, it's next door to you! :D

Valerie said...

I took my kids there a couple of times when they were young and we had a fun time. You got so many fun pics!