Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chalk Family

The other week, we were outside as a family and Marin had her sidewalk chalk.  We started with tracing daddy, and then we all jumped on board, because, let's face it....sidewalk chalk is fun!

I traced Kristoffer...he keeps joking that I gave him a wooden leg (I'm literally laughing right now about this), but he didn't have his foot to the side, so that's how it looked!  Daddy decorated his own tracing....who wears short shorts?!  Evidently daddy's chalk-man does.  Marin took one look at the hair and laughed and said "Daddy, you have crazy hair!".
 Kristoffer traced me, although, he did add some rather impressive biceps...thanks honey.  I like my big cankles...they look pretty awesome.
 And our little gingerbread-head Marin.  I'm not sure why her head came out so big....
 Awwww, little buddy!  Owen wasn't quite sure why were pinning him down on the pavement, so it was a very quick tracing.
 And here's our crazy little chalk family!

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Valerie said...

That is so cute! Chalking can be a fun activity for all ages. :)