Monday, December 26, 2011

A Lovely Little Christmas

We had ourselves a lovely little Christmas, and we hope you all did too!  Friday the 23rd, we had a little family party with Kristoffer's Bestemor (Oldemor for Marin and Owen) with family and a walk through Temple Square to see the lights.  I hadn't been clued in on the walk, so I had on some flats, and boy were my feet COLD!  I felt like I was walking barefoot on 20 degree concrete, brrrr! 

 Kristoffer also gave me one of my Christmas gifts....a new haircut!!  I was *beyond* sorely in need of one and I dove right in headfirst and came out with a foxy little bob, check it out!

 I feel amazing with my new 'do', and Kristoffer, well....he likes it too!

Christmas Eve was a perfect evening of family and fun.  We headed to Kristoffer's mother's house for a traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner, and it was divine.  Tasty hor's d'ouvres of cheese, asparagus wrapped in pancetta, a delicious meal of clam chowder, tender salmon, potatoes, carrots, pickled cucumbers, and desserts I don't remember the name of.  I...was....stuffed.  Then we had a white elephant gift drawing/exchange.  We loved every minute of being with our family that night, it was wonderful.  I wish I had pictures, but we were having too much fun!

And Santa DID manage to find our house, wohoo!
 Aww, my little guy...and his tiny stocking for this year.  Next year he graduates to a big boy stocking!  He and Marin received amazingly cute stockings this year as a gift from Aunt Siri, and they will be employed for a loooong time from here on out, but next year will be their big debut.
 Hey boy!  (That's a classic Kristoffer to Owen greeting).
 This was just the beginning of "Nooooo, Owen.....that's MINE!".  Sigh, mama had to put toys in time out ON Christmas day.  C'mon kids, why ya gotta be that way, huh?
 A little learning walker for Owen. 
 And what did we have for breakfast?  French Toast Strata, mmmmmm.  An original recipe by your's truly, it was delicious and I'll be posting the recipe on my food blog very soon, oh yeah.  The perfect thing about this breakfast, is that I prepped it the night before and kept it in the fridge, then I popped it in the oven Christmas morning and it baked while we opened presents.  That's how you start the day right!
 I had planned on just roasting a chicken for Christmas dinner, but would you believe...I couldn't find a single ONE!  I found turkey and ham and cornish game hen and I thought, what the heck, DUCK it is!  So we had duck l'orange and it was super yummy.  It's just like roasting a chicken, truly, don't be scared of the duck.  We ate the duck with apple stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, broccoli casserole, rolls and Mormon fluff.  And for dessert....Tollhouse Pie.  Oh...YEAH.  It's your chocolate fix WITH a super yummy pie crust.  DIVINE.  This will also be making an appearance on the food blog.
I have no idea how Kristoffer managed to pull off this little stunt, but he did, and I'm still in shock.  My new Cuisinart cookware set!  It's shiny and smooth and just so lovely.  This cookware was a Merry-Christmas-thanks-for-sticking-with-me-this-past-year gift.  He did tell me that he got a great deal on it, that's my husband...I think I'm finally rubbing off on him!
My old set of T-fal cookware.  I had a friend that I used to work with at the hospital in Cortland, NY give it to me shortly after Kristoffer and I were married, and it has lasted me all these years!  And, you are going to think I'm little heart sunk when I knew I couldn't keep my T-fal.  Those pots and pans have been my faithful culinary buddies for YEARS!  BUT, I have taken great solace...they have gone to live with my friend Amy, so I know they will be in good hands.

I'm sad to see Christmas go.  It's always hard to relinquish the warm, cozy anticipation of the still, reverent reflection of Christmas Eve, and the joyous, bright celebration of Christmas Day.  I love that the world unites in peace and love for a whole month of preparation to celebrate the birth our Saviour.  I love that I can hear even the most agnostic of non-believers listen to Christmas's almost like a small victory.  I'm so grateful for my loving Saviour.  I am so grateful for His loving mercy and sacrifice.  I'm amazingly grateful that through the sealing powers of the temple, I can be together forever with my husband and children.  If there is any season I would wish that everyone could have an eternal family, it's the Christmas season.  Everyone can have an eternal family, and can carry their marraige vows beyond the grave.  To find out more about being a Forever Family, please click HERE.


Christy Wheeler said...

Love the haircut! It really looks great. It's great to see you had such a nice Christmas.

David & Linda said...

I love your hair Samantha! Super cute! So glad to see you guys had a great Christmas. :)

Tabitha said...

Uhm ... HellOOO cute hair! I love it! That was an awesome Christmas present :)

Clarissa said...

weren't you on pinterest today pinning long hair? Why? I LOVE your new do! It looks so sassy and fresh! How is the shock of it?
I would so love a play date on the 31st. We have dentist appts on the 24th. I will put it down! yay!
I love reading your blog as usual! You are so inspiring and I can relate to you so well about being a mother, but at the same time I so look up to you and all that you do that I need to do better.
Thanks for sharing your testimony at the end of this post. It was what I needed... like you always seem to know.
How do you do it being a mom of two? I just can't get around to anything deeper in my blog posts than what we did on major holidays. I feel pathetic.
Tell Kris he did a good job on xmas gifts!
Oh and I can't wait to see your progress on Body for Life!

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

Such cute little kids you have, Marin looks so old... and just like Kris :) Cutest pic of your hair, seriously love it! And so happy for you to get a nice set of cookware, you of all people deserve nice cookware for your YUMMY food!