Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Business of Being a Mom

I work.  Where?

Lyman Domestic Relations and Management

This past week I've coined the perfect title for my job.  The job that I do inside the 4 walls of my home every single day.  The job of creating and shaping functional, capable, healthy, strong, independent, and caring human beings.  The job that even the most literate and well read smarty-pants brush off because I don't have a degree from a college to do what I do each day.  While I may not have a degree that enables me to prove to the world that I worked really hard for a few years of my life in college while still getting a full nights sleep most nights.....I DO have two beautiful, healthy, (relatively) well behaved and caring children.  This has taken far more dedication and work than anything in nursing school ever required of me.  Nursing school compared to raising children is heard me...cake....the fluffiest most pansy-like cake out there!

In nursing school I memorized and studied and learned and stressed and cried and over-ate (meh) and slept in on weekends and went out on dates and laughed and pinched pennies.  All of those things we revel in when we're in college.

In motherhood, I give and explain and teach and remind and rephrase and listen and listen and give and expain and teach and cook and and teach some more and listen and clean and listen and remind and feed and cook and cry and cry and cry and don't sleep in on weekend and pinch pennies even harder and give and give and give and give and just keep on givin'! 

It may not sound like a big difference.  What's the big deal, huh?  In college a failed test is well, sucky, but in the end, it's just that...a failed test.  You move on and learn from it.  In motherhood, your failed test may go something like this:  your child has done something naughty, you lose it and yell at them.  FAIL!  Beyond fail, because what you don't realize is that this is more than just a point in time, it's a moment they will remember forever and it will begin to shape the person they become.  Haha, responsibility much?!

And, you know, I've worked full time.  I've had tough days.  I've had terrible days, and in the end, I clock out, pick up my paycheck and go home.  A bad day as a nurse is cured with a day off.  Now that I have the opportunity to be home with my children, I realize that clocking out just isn't an option.  I'm always on call.  I can't ever clock out and I don't pick up a paycheck for my long hard hours of work.  BUT, what I do get is something that a regular job just doesn't offer.  I get the amazing feeling knowing I have created life with the man of my dreams, that I have carried two healthy babies to term and delivered them with my amazing body.  That I can choose to be the BEST mom I can be and give my kids the best.  I get to have wet smoochy kisses and "I love you mama!"'s and silly laughs and pride in watching my kids reach milestones.  I get the overwhelming and exciting feeling of knowing that I have the power to shape my children into the people they will become. 

 I get...from time to time...complete and utter satisfaction.  I have forever relinquished the person I used to be, the body I used to have and the things I used to enjoy.  I've given it all up for the love of something greater than me.  Is it a labor of love?  No doubt about it.  I've never laughed so much or cried so hard as I have over the welfare of my children....and I wouldn't change it for the world.

My business is my life, and I am proud to be a part of the most influential organization in the world....the FAMILY. 
I am proud to work at Lyman Domestic Relations and Management.


David & Linda said...

Oh Samantha! I love reading your posts. :) You are such an amazing mother. Thank you for sharing! When I grow up I want to be like you. :)

Warburtons said...

I wish blogs had a like button like facebook. Because I really liked your post!

Scotty and Emi said...

Loved this post!! <3

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Loved reading this. And I love your job title. I need to think of something similar! :D