Monday, December 5, 2011


Phew, I have been in a SUPER blogging *slump* lately!  But, here I am and I have pictures-a-plenty of our pretty awesome kidlets, and a few of our activities, watch out, it's true deluge!

Oh, sweet little Owen, my oh my has he moved on to the next phase of infancy.  As you will see soon...

 Little bud, he's been loving feeding himself and has tons of fun.

 Marin made her own little candy necklace courtesy of grandma Sallie.  Her neck was all orange by the end of the day!
 I know it's fuzzy, but Owen and daddy, how cute huh?!
 Decorating the Christmas tree!!  The tree was pre-lit, and I did the ribbon, but Marin did pretty much the rest!

 Ha, that face, it get's me every time.

 Marin's star from last year!
 The finished product!  You may notice where most of the ornaments are located....yep, there they are, hanging on the bottom rack...haha, I love my girl.
 Lunch time!
 Hey cute girl.  She loads her play-food into her backpack and carries her 'picnic' with her all over the house.

 Marin helped mama make French toast Saturday morning for breakfast.  Let me just say it was *perfect*.  I found some Texas toast cut bread and used that and it was the best French toast I think I've ever had.
 Owen had some too...he kept shoving it into a VERY full mouth, silly boy.
 Mmmm, oh yeah.
 So Kristoffer kept joking that all Owen needed for Christmas was a box.  I brushed him off and rolled my eyes...and then I saw my son with the diaper box.  That kid has played with this diaper box more than any other toy these last three days.

 And Owen has earned himself a new nickname....Mr. Mischevious.  These last few weeks he has been absolutely impossible to keep up with.  I seriously don't remember Marin being this tenacious.  I'm serious...this boy's like holding onto an alligator!  When he's after something, he will let nothing stand in his way.  And he is STRONG!  Wowza does this boy have muscle, he's already winning at tug-of-war with his big sis.  Aaaand here he is getting into my kitchen drawers.
I have another post with picture of our gingerbread house, but that will wait until tomorrow.  I'm determined to get to bed a little earlier...I literally worked myself into a sick day on Sunday and it was not pretty.  But, the pictures of our gingerbread masterpiece are worth the wait!

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