Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thanks for being my grapes, mama.

Today we took a lovely drive to Tillamook (yes, the cheese!) and toured the cheese factory!  It was perfect for a rainy, blustery day and Marin was surprisingly content in the car and happy in the factory, Owen of course was perfectly long as he was fed.  As we were driving and Marin was eating her grapes, we had an interesting conversation:

Marin:  Thank you mama.
Me:  For what honey?
Kris:  Marin, say thank you for being my mama, mama!
Marin:  Thank you for being my grapes, mama....

Daddy had Marin all turned around, poor thing.  We had a laugh or two out of it though, she's so sweet.
And of course, I forgot the camera.  These days I am terrible at remembering that blasted camera!  So, I have one picture of each of our lovely children:

Marin last Saturday with daddy at the roller skating rink.  Doesn't she look like a little GIRL!  I mean, instead of a toddler?!  Growing up fast!

And sweet little Owen snuggling with daddy.  Oh my what a little snuggler he is, I just LOVE it!  He was 5 weeks old on Wednesday and weighed in this morning at 11 pounds on the money!  What a hungry hungry boy!  This past week he gained a total of about 9oz.  He is really filling out and has some DE-licious chubb on his thighs.  Marin really never had that, she always had...athletes legs, from the second she came out to now, she has always had toned, lovely legs.  
AND.....Stay tuned to our blog!  Coming soon I will be posting a 
Lyman Special Presentation:  Where It All Began.
*A short mini-series that takes you back to where it all started...BEFORE the children!  Before Kristoffer and Samantha Lyman were even married...yes, a rare photo glimpse into our thin and beautiful 'non-old-and-falling-over-from-sleep-deprivation' days.  
-A bittersweet fairy-tale-romance-drama with splashes of comedic interlude and brow-furrowing, lip-squishing mushy moments.

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Scotty & Emily said...

Ohhh, so sweet!! I know what you mean about forgetting the camera, because I do it too-- it's my favorite part of the blogging experience! You'd think we'd remember, lol!