Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nobody Does it Better....Than Dad

Dad's are just wired to play.  And I...think it's wonderful!  I am horrible at "playing".  My sweet girl often wants to play and pretend and do all the normal 2 year old things, and I'm stumped!  "What am I supposed to do?!", I often ask myself.  With babies it's fairly understand their basic needs and address it, end of story.  But playtime?  I'm hopelessly lost.  Lucky for me (more-so Marin), I have a great husband that LOVES to play and more importantly, knows HOW to play.  His idea on babies, however?  "What do you DO with it?".  I'm so glad we even out the playing field around here. 

This is a video of Marin and Daddy playing "Rocket Ships".  They cut some pieces of scrap wood and decorated them with screws, nails, etc, and then finished them off with a nice "marker" job.  Then..., well, you'll see:

I KNOW!  Here's Marin showing off one of her rocket ships.  Poor girl is a terrible poser for the camera, mommy will work on that with her ;)
And, last night before she went to bed.  She likes to make a "Big Marble Track" with daddy, consisting of blankets draped over the couch with little cups at the bottom she tries to hit with the marbles.

Marin just loves her daddy!

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Scotty & Emily said...

I LOVE it when the kids play with Daddy!! I get to check your blog because they're all wrestling right now, ahhhh, lovely. :)