Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Month!

Did I really just say one month?!  My little guy is one month old today??!  My-oh-my where has the month gone?  We are just loving our little man, boy what a sweet baby he is.  Here are some of his highlites from the month:
*SUCH a snuggler, and I have to say, I am totally down with this.  I LOVE my snuggly boy.  Marin NEVER snuggled and I really missed out, but he likes nothing better than to be cuddled up on your chest for a snooze, so sweet!

*Nighttime is improving.  We have made him a super cushy bed and have learned that he likes his blue fuzzy blanket loosely wrapped around him, and under his head.  By the time he falls asleep around 11 or midnight, he'll sleep until 4am, but then it's hourly feeds after that until he's up at 7ish :/

*He's learning to enjoy bathtime.

*What a sweet little smile he has!  Awww, I love smiles from my little boy.

*Weight check!  Last night he weighed in at 9pounds 14ounces, just 2 ounces shy of 10 pounds.  Hungry much?

*He is a CHAMPION belcher/pooper/tooter.  Oh my goodness, this kid can put the best of the best to SHAME!  We aren't quite sure which side of the family this little gift came from...perhaps it's just a boy thing?

And here's our young man flopped over the side of the boppy for a nap. 

 Marin helping me vaccum the other night.

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