Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Something Called January

We're almost through with January, I can hardly believe it!  The biggest change has been my return to work, which has been wonderful!  I learned after I had Owen and we moved to Utah that after staying home with my kids full time for nine months.....I need to work.  My brain needs it.  I balances me and I am a much happier and a much better mother when I can work a few hours.  

Even with knowing all of that, the first day can be a bit anticipatory, and my visiting teachers were super sweet and dropped off a back-to-work survival kit: chocolates, a candle, earplugs, chapstick, a roll of quarters (to phone home, haha!).  It was so awesome.

 Aaah yes, I've missed this place.  I love working at Primary Children's...pediatrics is my niche.
 Lub lub da baby chubb!  I can't exactly say my milk is cream...or even whole milk, it's more like 2% I think, so my babies never get super duper fat, but that's ok.  This girl here has been putting it all into her length, though....she's tall!
 Having three kids, at least the adjustment, can feel like a three ring circus some nights.  And Sunday nights are no exception.  Kris was getting clobbered from all angles!
 We had a full house on afternoon.  My friend from the ward asked me to take a look at her son's lip to see if he needed stitches, which he did; so I watched two of her four boys for her while she took him in, and Marin's friend from the next street down came over to play.  Five kids and a baby to boot, yikes!  The kids had a great time though.
 My uber cool hubby built me some food storage shelves in the basement.  We have a small, 400sq ft portion of our basement level that is unfinished, and my food storage shelves in the garage were bursting at the seams, so he built me these.  They are wonderful, and I had the BEST time organizing them, seriously.  I like to just stand down there and stare at my shelves.  I love them!  Now, Kris is working on a can dispenser for me, to free up some of that shelf space.  I'll have to take pics when he's done.
 We've been trying so hard to eat healthy around here, and dinner one night was fresh salmon, SO good!
 Sweet Rosalie has been figuring out how to work those hands of hers, and she found daddy's scruffy face one evening.  She just couldn't get enough, she kept reaching up to feel it.
 I made the most giant pan of lasagna I think I've ever seen one night!  It was for a lady in our ward who has six of her adult children living in her home right now PLUS grandkids!  She never asks for help and was in a car collision recently, and I didn't tell her I was bringing this, she started crying when I showed up!  The pan was so big, it barely fit in my oven!
 I cannot even believe how big my Marin is getting, seriously.  What a grown up girl, and such a sweetheart!  She makes me so proud.  At six years of age, she blows me away with how wonderful she is. 
 When you have a girl and a boy in the house, sometimes playtime can be a bit....frustrating...explosive....non-existent....but there *are* times when they do play well together.  I just love seeing little things like this, it makes me smile.
 OK, Marin has the flattest, thinnest, straightest hair there is, and I totally struggle with what to with it, because it just hang in her face, mostly.  So, I tried some foam rollers on a good word and a why-not attitude, and picked up two packs at the dollar store.  I was shocked at how well they came out!  Look how full and wavy her hair is!!  I need some for ME...except I would NEVER hear the end of it from my hubby, haha!
 For now, I'll just use the old curling iron!
 I need to be snapping some more pics for another post!

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Valerie said...

That's great that you enjoy your work so much. That photo of your kids' toys reminds me of when my oldest 2 (a boy and a girl) would play Barbie/Rescue Heroes together. :)