Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christmas 2014

Let's get to work, phew!  Mama is so behind on her blogging!  Christmas this year was all quiet on the home front, and it was nice.  Just us as a little family at home, so relaxing.

I wanted to make each of my kids something this year...something I hope to do every year.  So this year, I made Marin a crayon cozy for her crayons.  You roll it up and tie it with a ribbon, and I wanted to make it specifically for her to take to church....and each crayon has it's own little space, something she *loves*!  We actually found a 16 pack of mini markers and use those instead, except they are a bit more slippery and fall out a little more easily.  I made some no-sew capes for Owen...mostly because I had watched him more times than one, run around the house with a plastic shopping bag looped around his shoulders for a cape.  So I made him a leaf man cape (from Epic), Superman and Batman.  They turned our ridiculously cute, and I was pretty proud of myself, to be honest.  I only wished he used them more!!  And I made some super cute headbands for Rosalie, I loved making them, and I *love* putting them on her!

 Peaches, our cat in the box!
 Such a pretty sky on Christmas Eve.
 And yes, that's my barefoot daughter in the white shirt.
Our cute little house on Christmas Eve, it always seems a bit more magical.
 And would you believe, we woke up to snow and had a white Christmas!!  It was perfect!

 Two VERY excited kids on Christmas Eve. 
My sweet kids made monkey bread for Santa (a tradition), left carrots for the reindeer, and some maple syrup and chocolate rocks for Nicholas, our elf.

 After Christmas sales are the bomb, you can actually afford to buy Christmas stuff!  BUT, I was out shopping Christmas Eve morning, and Hancock Fabrics had already started their sales, so I picked up a few decorations for CHEAP.  I love them!
The faces of my kids on Christmas morning...just the best ever.  They'll only have that magic for so long before it fades, so I want it to be magical for them.

 Marin got a volleyball....we'll be using that this upcoming summer, for sure!
We had to put a bow on Rosie...we just had to.
 The spoils.  For each of the kids, one of the best gift ideas we had was to go to DI and raid their kids books section.  Each kid received a stack of about 20 books....which was desperately needed, and they LOVE having new books to look at, and we LOVE not having the brand new price tag!
 Christmas Day with a little candle.
Santa brought each of the kids a game...also a great gift idea.  Owen received Mouse Trap, and Marin received Monopoly JR.  It's been so fun playing board games with them, we love that they are old enough to do that now.
 My sweet little baby, she is so precious!
Oh, seriously, look at my cutie girl. 
 Ah!  I can hardly stand it!  She saves her biggest smiles for mama, and it totally melts my heart.  It's been a looong time coming though.  After 10 weeks of colicky, crying, miserable, awful-ness, Rosalie turned a corner and has become the most pleasant, smiling, lovely baby.  Still very particular, but she is just wonderful, we LOVE her!
 My oldest.  Marin has such a sweet heart.  She made lunch for daddy one day, a PB sandwich, a cheese stick and some berries.  She took it to him in his office downstairs.
How I think my legs look in the wintertime.....
 We may or may not need a new toaster.....ours doesn't stay, so we have to jam a wooden utensil in there to trip the switch.
December has been full of ups and downs, but we are so happy to start a new year and move forward with so MANY things!

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Colleen said...

So fun! I'm glad you and the fam had a good Christmas! It was good to talk to you today, maybe we'll work together before another Christmas goes by. I'd say you need another toaster. :)