Monday, April 14, 2014

Post Announcement Follow-Up

My oh my, it's been way too long since I've been posting regularly, but as you can see from my fresh new previous post, I've had good reason!

Baby number three is on it's way, and currently I'm 13 weeks along...Thank....The.....Lord.  This first trimester has been so rough.  I've made it through the worst of pregnancy, honestly, I would rather give birth, unmedicated, TWICE...rather than deal with weeks and weeks of nausea.  I did start taking vitamin B6 to take the edge off, I'm not one to really hit up the medication hard if I can avoid it, and it did help somewhat.  Still had some super rough days, mingled with a few good days.  This pregnancy has had me spinning mostly with un-predictability.   My first pregnancy, I could count on great mornings, always nauseous at night with smell aversion..predictable.  My second pregnancy, mostly good days, light nausea in the evening with headaches.  This pregnancy,  Russian roulette...decent mornings, after that, it's anybody's guess, good day, bad day, I never know..and lots of stomach, intestine cramping.  I'm still roughing with the cramping.  I haven't been able to cook a meal for almost two month, although my kids have been thrilled with that!  They've had a diet of chicken nuggets, pizza, corn dogs....all the things they only ever get from time to time.

Thankfully, I'm almost out of the first trimester, and starting to function again, I can't tell you how nice it is to be functioning and not feel half dead all day!

The kids have been so good about being good for me (relatively).  Understanding that mama needs to rest/sit down because my tummy was hurting.  Marin picked up pretty quick at the beginning and kept asking why my tummy was sick all the time.  I finally told her at 8 weeks, and she got so excited, asking all sorts of questions about if she could feed the new baby and could she hold the baby and would the baby laugh when she made faces at it, it was adorable; and then she stopped short, and got a very serious look on her face and stared at me with a furrow in her brow and said "You should tell daddy.".  I had to keep from laughing. NOW, she's asking me how the baby is going to get *out* of my tummy, aiy yai yai....I keep putting that one off for later!

My sweet, wonderful husband has been so supportive and loving.  He just showers me with kisses and tells me how much he loves me and what a great job I'm doing.  He hugs me and holds me close (but not too close, lest I barf) when I cry over having to eat one more piece of toast.  He offers to get me water after I come out of the shower having lost all of my dinner and lunch.  He kisses my bloated tummy and tells me I'm the closest to Heaven he can get when I'm carrying his baby.  I really couldn't do this without him.  I'm also so excited to start preparing for childbirth with him.  We had such an incredible experience having an un-medicated delivery with Owen, I'm praying we will be able to have another experience like that.  Such a bonding experience working together and so so so incredibly hard for something.

SO, now that the worst (hopefully) is over, I'll be able to start posting more updates of our family, pregnancy, and of course house projects, of which we have a few in the works I am super excited about!

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