Monday, April 14, 2014

A Little Announcement!

We are expecting a little something this Fall!

 That's right!  Baby number three is due this October, are we are all very excited, except for Marin, who is very *very* excited.
 These were tough shots to get, Owen was a maniac!
 I had a gorgeous frame given to me, so I had my hubby cut an insert to fit and I painted it with chalkboard paint, way easy, and I love it!

 This guy.  Kristoffer is such an amazing husband.  I couldn't have gotten any luckier if tried.  He is truly the best husband and father, and can't wait to meet this new little one.  He counts his richness not with dollars, but with us, and it makes me cry....especially now!

 Always there for me, always supportive and loving.
 Seriously, are these not the cutest kids?  #partialmom  But, for real, LOVE these babes.  Marin is 5&1/2, Owen just turned 3.

 They are such good friends, and they play so well together, super blessed.


 My blue eyed babies.

 Here we all are!  My amazing friend, Jess took all these pics for us.  We used to live in the same ward with her and her husband, and we still make an effort to keep in touch with them, they are just those kinds of friends.  She did such a great job of

So, the actual due date is October 19th (you know I feel about due dates though!), but considering I've delivered late with both kids, I'm planning on the same with this one.  My sister's birthday is October 23rd, and my mom's is on October 26th......who'll be placing bets, friends?

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Mrs. Pedersen said...

LOVE the pictures!!! So beautiful. Congratulations! You have such a beautiful family. (=