Friday, June 24, 2011

Will the REAL Gerber Baby, please stand up?

Monday night for FHE (Family Home Evening), our activity was to feed Owen his first bowl of rice cereal.  I suppose he reacted like any other baby tasting cereal for the first time would, but of course, since it's your own baby, it's a million times cuter!  And Owen is just such a stud anyway ;) 

Waiting for mommy:
 Hey dad!  Dad was in charge of the camera.
 Getting the gear on:
 Huh?  We filmed the first few bites (no luck loading), but Owen is still just as puzzled about the whole experience.  Who's the REAL Gerber Baby here?!
 Must try it with the hands, maybe it will taste different:
 Or not....let's stare at my crazy big sister:
 Who happens to be making flubbit noises...that's my girl.
 Favorite pic EVER!  Look at that sweet mug, he is so handsome, it's positively exhausting most days.
And as if that wasn't eventful enough of a day for Owen, he revealed his big move later that evening...his first ever belly to back roll over!  WOW!  Stay tuned for pics of that later!


Scotty & Emily said...

You have the cutest babies!!! I love your stories. I didn't have a chance to comment on your exhausting motherhood blog. All I could think was, "And I thought MY life was stressful!" I couldn't imagine adding all of those hours of working to my schedule... you are an amazing woman, and this sacrifice will be worth it! Love you!

Tabitha said...

Cute pictures!! Those babies are getting so big!