Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Photos at the Park

We spent our Memorial Day just being together as a family and headed to the park to soak up some sunshine, it was a PERFECT day, so gorgeous!  For dinner, we had some friends over for dinner and some games, it was such a relaxing day...every weekend needs to be a three day weekend!!

Group shot...minus one, and a pretty distracted Marin.

 Happy boy!
 Feeding the mama and baby ducklings!  They were so cute, but SO greedy.  I would throw a piece of bread to mama duck and those little ducklings would snatch it right out hf her mouth!  Being a good mama, she let them have the bread, but my goal was to feed that poor mama duck...I totally know how she must feel some days.  Oy, having a children is a labor of matter what species!
 Daddy was getting adventurous with his camera shots.
 LOVE this pic!  She is just so sweet.
 Daddy helped her climb around on the tree, such a good daddy.
 I have NO idea what she is doing in this picture, but her face is *priceless*!!! 
 Ah, another favorite.  Sweet baby, look at that smile!
 Tired-but-trying-to-be-happy face.
 Oh my sweet little guy, *laugh*.
 I have so much to smile about mommy!
 The goslings!  Fortunately, they were on the OTHER side of the stream.
 We fed them some bread too.  The fowl at this park have got the be the best fed birds in town I tell you.  EVERYONE was out to feed the ducks on Memorial Day!
 Staying close to daddy...don't want those geese to get too close!
 Succumbing to nap time.  This boy is the KING of cat naps!  It makes for a long and weary day, yikes!  The most I can ever get out of him on normal days is around 35-45 minutes.  On a good day, he'll sleep for an hour....maybe.  It makes me crazy really :/
 Marin found a stick, and then it broke.
 Sweet girl.  She had a blast running off all that energy, and we all got some much needed sun.

Hopefully blogging will be back on track.  I've been struggling to organize photos and edit them with this new computer, but I've finally found the same editing software we were using before.  Which is great because summer is just around the corner ;)

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Tabitha said...

What fun pictures! I wish it wasn't so hot here all of the time, I want to go to the park too! I guess we'll have to take better advantage of it this Fall/Winter ;)