Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me!

We all know the truth about getting older; it stinks.  But when you have an amazing husband like mine (I have to brag for one teensy minute), he makes getting older way less fact he makes it pretty spectacular.  That's my Kristoffer.  He's amazing like that.  I love that he loves me so much to put a huge smile on my face when I have to wake up and turn 32 that day.  I totally didn't mind turning 32 knowing I had this hunk all to myself for a full 24 hours.  It was the best birthday gift, and it was the only birthday gift I told him I wanted (for like, weeks).  He would ask me "What do you want for your birthday, baby?"...and my response..."I just want you.  I just want time alone...with you.".  It's been a while since we've been able to get away from our house overnight sans children...let's just say job loss, starting a business, having a baby, raising a family, working a bajillion hours, doing calling stuff, etc., it all gets in the way!

I did ask Kris a few nights before my birthday if there was any hint or clue or ANYthing he could tell me about my birthday...and he kind of got a little mad at me (truth be's because I'm like a kid when it comes to secrets, I hate them and I throw a big girl tantrum trying to figure out the secret).  BUT he did tell me to bring a bathing suit, which I do not have; at least not one I can squeeze over my bum #letsbereal.  Considering I work Thursday's and Friday's now, I had time only on Friday after work to find a bathing suit.  It was miserable.  Kris called me after I had been to about three stores and asked how it was going.  I may or may not have growled at him and then almost cried while sadly stating I was really only trying to find ANY bathing suit at ALL that fit me, I wasn't even looking for a cute suit.  I found something that fit and grabbed it and took it home.  Luckily, we were headed to a friends house for a BBQ and lamented my sad story to her, she was super sweet to offer a really nice suit for me to borrow that actually fit.  Seriously, you gotta be good friends to make that kind of offer.  
The next morning I took some time to make myself pretty and we dropped the kids off at Kris's mom's house and HIT THE ROAD!  We stopped for lunch at Kneaders and to get some dessert for later.

 Log hair is a pain, but it's way fun to do stuff with!
 Kris took me to Midway to the Homestead Resort.  It was perfect.  The weather was just a touch on the cool side, perfect for snuggling, but OK to go for a walk.  We went to our cottage and dropped off our stuff, then headed into town and found this way fun home decor barn.  They had so much there and had sectioned the inside into all these different rooms with different themes, kind of like a maze.  We found a few little trinkets to take home with us.
 We made sure to take pics of all the things we wished we could take home with us.  And this sign perfectly describes Kris...he is my happy.

 Kris was digging this clock.  It was huge.
 Yes, indeed.
 Also true.
 We both reeeeeally loved this map.
I did bring myself home a little fat bird.
 So when we got back, we changed into our swimsuits; Kris had booked a session to swim inside the crater!  Yes, I know, totally strange and way cool.  It looks like a big hill from the outside, but the inside is completely hollow with warm mineral water from underground.  So cool and slightly terrifying (coming from the girl who is a little scared of water anyway).  This is us outside the crater.
 Standing on the small dock inside the crater looking up at the opening.
 I wish my picture weren't so blurry!  The have lights strung up and the water is perfectly aquamarine blue and so warm.

Headed out after our hour long soak!
 I had some more fun with my hair for dinner that evening.  Nothing like a chignon.
 Totally delish food.  We ate way too much, of course.

 I have realized I have some weird thing with making crazy faces in pictures.  I really need to stop doing that!
What is wrong with my face?!
 We had to put our cottage number on the bill, and we couldn't remember what our number was, so we left the best instructions ever.
 My sweet hubby even sang me happy birthday (which I recorded but I promised not to post) and we had our desserts from Kneader's.  And we cuddled up to watch a movie later on.  SO perfect!!!
 Unfortunately, we forgot to pack the other half of the electric toothbrush, so this is all we had to brush our teeth!
 The next morning was so beautiful!
If I'm going to splurge on breakfast, it's eggs benedict for this girl.  My absolute favorite.  I was so stuffed.
 This pond had the funniest fish...they would follow you as you walked around the deck, hoping for crumbs, I'm sure!

 This picture doesn't do justice to their colors, red, orange, yellow, blue, spotted, green.  Seriously, so pretty!
 And then we went for a walk around the golf course.  Such a beautiful, sunny morning, and the course was lovely!

I am one lucky girl to have Kristoffer as my husband.  He is so good to me, especially on my birthday.  It was such a great birthday and I got to spend it with my amazing husband, my best friend.  Love this guy so much, and I'm super happy to keep having birthday's when he's around.

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