Thursday, January 7, 2016

Big Brother, Baby Sister, and a Sucker

Owen has always loved his little sis.  He loves his big sis, too, but Marin does her big sister thing most of the time and kind of bosses Owen around.  You know.  But Owen just loves little Rosie.  He is the best big brother; always looking out for her, playing with her, making sure she's safe and can reach her toys.  He really is an amazing boy.

This morning, daddy took Owen to get his hair cut, which Owen loves because he's rewarded with a sucker at the end.  He brought it home and unwrapped it, and, even at the tender age of 14 months, Rosalie has fine tuned her ears to hear the magical sound of candy wrappers.  She made a bee-line for big brother and immediately starting tugging on his shirt making her little baby sounds that mean she'd like some of whatever you've got.

Owen was a very sweet boy and let little sister have a few licks of his sucker.

 Please, brother...can I have some?!
 Mmmmm, mama, this sucker is so yummy!
Ok, Rosie, you done yet?
 Maybe I can sneak away with it and no one will notice.
 Owen promptly took his sucker away and started crunching on it.  He's a great big brother, but he's still a little boy who wants his sucker!

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