Sunday, June 8, 2014

June Beginnings

Can you believe it's June already?  I know!  We've started our summer with a few kinks, but hopefully those will be worked out soon.  Other than that, things are the usual!

Little Peaches it adjusting well to her new home.  She really is the sweetest little kitty.  So friendly and sociable, very mux-able (the kids mux her around all the time and she is so great with it), and just the softest, prettiest cat.  We have all fallen in love with her, and it's actually nice after the kids go to bed to have a soft, purring ball of fur snuggle up with you on the couch.,
 And the usual at work for me.  I've been trying to pick up some extra shifts before this baby comes to build up a little extra PTO.  Most weeks are three days a week...and it's not my fave, but I know I'll be happy I made the sacrifice once baby comes.  We've had quite a bit of construction at work recently, and our tiny little area has become even tinier...and loud!  We had a jackhammer about 15 feet away from our nurses station the other day, and I think everyone had a headache about an hour into their shift.  It was awful!
 My girl has graduated from Kindergarten!  I can't believe how fast she is growing, so proud of how hard she has worked.
 I took her out for a celebratory cupcake at Sweet Tooth Fairy, one of her (and my) favorite places!
 Marin was doing a little dancey-dance she was so excited for her cupcake...she has a sweet-tooth like her mama.

 Owen was a happy guy, he ended up eating JUST the frosting, aye yai yai.

The other weekend, I remembered that Layton has this splash pad, so we went and I am SO glad.  Even though our kids are kind of pansies when it comes to getting wet, it was somewhere to go and something to do. 

 Hubby and me.
 Owen was standing in *just* the right place at the splash pad and got absolutely DUMPED on.  It was pretty hilarious to see his face.  But he trotted right over to his towel and laid down to get warm, sweet boy.

Owen likes his share of snuggles with Miss Peaches, too.
 Marin brilliantly suggested the Home Depot kids activity this past Saturday, so I took the kids, and it was SO fun.  First Saturday of every month, totally free, takes about 45minutes to and hour.  Perfect for kids.  They both did great, but I had a hard time helping both kids on my own.
 Marin loved being able to work on something pretty independently, that's just like Marin.

 They finished their little riding lawn mower projects and got a badge to put on their apron.  We are totally doing this activity as often as possible
Whilst the kids and I played, daddy stayed at home and worked on the back deck.  We made the agreement that the deck just needed to be done as soon as possible, so I put my projects on hold and took the kids for the day, and Kristoffer worked on the deck.  He finished sanding and started with the Rustoleum Restore, still a ways to go, but progress nonetheless.

 This is the yucky condition of the wood on our deck, and hopefully we will have the project completed soon!
 This morning, Marin discovered two little sparrows inside our house!  They had ripped these two HUGE holes in the window screen and were desperately trying to fly out the wrong window.  Fortunately, they were easy to guide outside.
 I had Kristoffer take a few belly pictures for me this afternoon.  Sunday is just about the only day I don't look like a least these days.  So, I had to take advantage.  Tomorrow is baby's big anatomy ultrasound, just to be sure all is well.  Honestly, as a pediatrics nurse, it's extra terrifying for me.  I work with sick kids every day I work, so that's the norm for me...even though millions of babies are born healthy everyday, it still weighs on my mind.  Good thoughts!
 And baby girl is a growing!  I'm not sure how, because honestly, my appetite is pretty...not hefty.  It's been shocking to me.  I don't crave ALL, also shocking, so I struggle to get the protein I know I need...and because of not getting enough protein, the swelling has joined the party a little early, at least in my hands so far.
 But I'm feeling pretty good most days.  Not too big to be super uncomfortable, but big enough to look pregnant.  I'm loving this baby girl already, I'm very excited to meet this fresh-from-heaven baby.  Only halfway done, though!
Poor little Peaches jumped into the toilet tonight, so she earned herself a bath.  Not her favorite thing, but we made it through.  She actually did so well.

So happy for warm weather, hopefully we'll find things to keep us busy and happy this summer!

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