Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Things

I swear we are all still alive and well!  This fall, I think I get a big fat 'F' for blogging, it's shameful.  But it's just been busy and *flying* by!

Saturday we took the kids to Cornbelly's.  It's a HUGE fall themed outdoor activities-a-plenty fun place for kids at Thanksgiving Point, about half an hour south of us.  It's a little overpriced, and it's outside....which is the point and that's wonderful...but outside also means a chance of inclement weather and messy.  Meh.  BUT, it's taking advantage of outdoors-y fall stuff, so that's good, right?

Owen soooooo did not want anything to do with that Chick-fil-a cow.  He was writhing in terror and squeeling like...well, NOT a boy.  Poor buddy.  And Marin was slightly overwhelmed, keeping a tight hold on daddy's hand.
 The kids found a little Country Store and Marin was in her element.  Gathering fruit and vegetables and other various items in her little shopping basket and ringing them up on the vintage cash register.  She's more like her mother than I realize sometimes.

 A picture on the grand horse.
 And Owen, too.
 Marin sitting pretty in the carriage...and Owen falling out of it, whoops!
 On the time swing!
 A little wobbly!
 The bouncy houses were wet (since it was sprinkling), and Marin was totally bummed that the slides weren't fast.

 Pumpkins!  We'll be doing our pumpkin picking in New York with grandma and grandpa, next week!!
 Look at this cutey girl, she is just s sweetheart.  She really has the cutest smile and her squeaky voice IS cute (even though I hear it every day).  Love my sweet girl.
We leave for NY next Thursday!


Austie Bost said...

Cuh-uuuute pictures!!! I giggled at Owen falling out, oops!

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

SO fun! Love the cute pics! And I love your family picture up top, you guys are just too cute!